Wu Qin Xi - Five Animal Qigong

Animal Qigong is the oldest form of Qigong. Evidence of "Bear moving" and "Bird stretching" exercises show that they were practiced 2300 years ago. Hua Tuo, a medical practitioner in the second century A.D. designed the Five Animal Play Qigong. By imitating the movements and spiritual qualities of the tiger, deer, bear, monkey and the bird this form of Qigong can:

Five Animal Qigong is easy to learn because each animal is very distinctive and the moves are repeated a number of times.

Dao Yin

The Dao Yin for General Health is a modern form of Qigong developed by Professor Zhang Guang of the Peoples Republic of China. The movements are designed to help you to be in a state of harmony, balance and calmness. The set of eight movements are designed for improving general fitness. The moves are easy to learn and remember because each move is repeated several times.

When are the Qigong classes on?

Qigong classes are offered from time to time. Check the time table on the home page or contact Sifu Chris to see if Qigong is currently running.