What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is meditation in motion. It soothes the nerves and calms the mind as it induces good physical and emotional conditioning. Movements are slow and gentle, with each part of the body in continuous motion.

The basis of Tai Chi is the "routine" which is a series of linked movements. There are many different forms and styles of tai-chi. The Golden Lion Academy's main style is the Yang style, although some other styles are taught. Many Tai Chi forms share similar moves and similar styles of movement.

The Beijing 24 is usually the first routine you will learn. It has 24 linked moves that flow in a slow graceful manner from the beginning to the end. It is an internationally stardardised form.

Once bare hand routines are mastered there are weapon routines like the straight sword or fan to learn. Tai Chi can provide a lifetime of learning and good health.


Is Tai Chi suitable for me?

Tai Chi is a suitable exercise for most people at any age. It is excellent for helping you regain lost power due to illness, or simply boost your immune system and get back to health. Your balance, coordination and fitness will improve. The best way to find out if Tai Chi is for you is to talk with the instructor Chris and arrange to visit a class.

If you are looking for a Tai Chi program that takes a slower pace and suitable for seniors click on Tai Chi for Balance. Information on seated Tai Chi is also here.Tai Chi for Balance


What happens in a class?

Classes begin with a set of warm ups designed to prepare the joints and muscles for the movements in the routine you are learning. After that a few minutes are set aside for Chi Cultivation, a form of meditation to calm the body and clear the mind .

The class then performs the form up to the point that has been learnt. The class then continues to revise the current movement and then to learn the next movement. To learn a movement it is broken down into small steps so that you will feel a pleasant sense of achievement after each lesson. At the end of the lesson we do some stretching and Qi Gong breathing exercises.


What types of classes are offered?

One of the wonderful things about Tai Chi is the challenge of learning new routines. Generally when people have learned the Beijing 24 they learn a longer form the International 42 or the Yang 40 followed by a weapon like the straight sword or the fan. Here is a list of the major forms taught at Golden Lion, this is not complete and some of the forms are taught only occasionally and to students who have progressed far enough:


Tai Chi for Balance and Seated Tai Chi

The Tai Chi for Balance program was designed for people who wished to learn a short routine at a slow and steady pace. It consists of 10 Yang Style moves and can be performed in a small space, like the kitchen or livingroom. The program focuses on improving muscle strength, balance, posture, awareness of body alignment and relaxation.

Chris Everett in consultation with Richard Adams, Chief Physiotherapist and Falls Prevention Program Co-Odrdinator at West Gippsland Hospital and Master Charles Tsui-Po of the Golden Lion Academy developed the program. It was adapted from the program used by Steven Wolf PhD and Tingsen Xu PhD in a research project aimed at studying the effect of Tai Chi on the prevention of falls in the elderly. In this study there was a 44.7 reduction in falls in the group doing Tai Chi.

To find out more about current classes check out the classes on the home page.

Seated Tai Chi is for people who wish to gain many of the health benefits of Tai Chi while remaining seated in a chair or wheelchair. Through the slow continuous movements the joints are taken through their range of motion, muscles are strengthened and flexibility is maintained. It is as much an exercise for the mind as people concentrate on following and executing the moves.

To find out more about current classes check out the classes on the home page.


How far can I go?

At the Berwick centre Golden Lion Academy Students can continue grading classes to progress to Black Belt level. Sifu Chris is one of the instructors in this class.


Seminars and Workshops

Golden Lion hold regular workshops giving students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills on topics not normally taught in classes. To find out details on these sessions go to News or subscribe to get the latest News sent to you.